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Helpful Information

What do I need for Skype™ Therapy?

You will need a computer or laptop with a web cam and microphone, and a good internet connection.


Do I have to pay for Skype™?

No. You can download Skype software for free. Once connected you're able to communicate with anyone who also has Skype™, again free of charge.



So what do I do next?

Once you've decided this is the right therapy for you, contact me via the contact page.


We will discuss the therapeutic contract: availability, commitment, confidentiality, boundaries and fees.


The next stage:

Before your first session I will send you a written contract outlining our verbal discussion and a personal information sheet, asking for your contact details. These will have to be agreed, signed and returned before our first session. 



Payment can be made by Bank transfer, details will be given once contracts have been signed and returned.



£85.00 for 50 minutes Skype™ session

Discounted rates for counselling students and Ex /current service men and women 










A Few Helpful Tips ...


Before the session:

Choose a suitable environment, an area where you can feel safe, not overheard or overlooked. 

Try to minimise distractions:

  • Turn off T.Vs, music, mobile phones

  • Close windows and doors to reduce outside noise and preventing the possiblity of being overheard.

  • Have a glass of water and some tissues to hand.

  • It's a good idea to ask visitors not to call for at least 30 minutes after your session.



The session:

Each session will last for a maximum of 50 minutes, at the same time, on the same day every week. Your session time is yours... I will be available within your allotted time, unless previously cancelled. 


All material will be confidential, in accordence with the BACP ethical framework and outlined in the signed contract. 


After the session:

It's a good idea to spend a moment or so to reflect, think and be aware of how you feel after your session. Some people may want to rest as they could feel drained, tired or lethargic. Others may feel energised or have a sense of freedom, so a walk or jog may be their preference. 








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