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We now have the freedom to incorporate traditional counselling into the world of modern technology, via Skype™. 

It is still possible to experience and have all the benefits of traditional face to face counselling, but without having to factor in the constraints of travelling time and costs. You now have the opportunity to have counselling in a location more suited to you; whether you're at home or away with work or on holiday. 


There are many advantages with Skype™ Therapy:

  • If you're unable to leave your home.

  • You're frequently away due to work commitments, or on holiday.

  • No travel or time constraints, so you don't have to factor in rush hour or travel expenses. 

  • You don't have to live locally ~ Less chance of seeing your therapist outside the therapy session, or discovering your neighbour/friend is also seeing the same therapist.

  • Feeling more relaxed in your own familiar surroundings rather than at a clinic, or in the therapist's home.




Potential issues:

  • Safe environments ~ It's a must for you to find a private and safe place  ~ please see helpful information.

  • Shared computers ~ ensure you have access to a computer and internet connection for your allotted time session. 

  • Technology or connection problems ~ pixelated screens, delays in real time, disconnection. 



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